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Bansari Patel is a second year Biological Sciences major at UC Irvine. In her spare time, she loves to read but is usually prompted to go on crazy adventures with her friends.

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How many of us have heard of the phrase “waiting for the other shoe to drop”? Many of us have experienced feeling anxiety for a possibly imminent disaster and stressing nonstop over it. Studies now suggest that uncertainty of not knowing about things to come is actually worse than knowing for sure whether a certain event … Read More

Many would say that eyes are the windows to the soul, wouldn’t you agree? But whether we believe in that or not, it is true that the eyes are the first things we see when we interact with one another. They are one of the most crucial parts of our lives, allowing us to see and interact … Read More

Exercise is always a good thing. It has numerous benefits for both our physical health, such as reducing our risks for many diseases, and our mental health, such as helping to maintain positive self-esteem. However, whereas some people have a natural rapport with exercise, others are mortal enemies with it. Studies now suggest that our like or … Read More

A new nasal cell study by Dr. Sabra Klein and her team from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, discovered that various forms of estrogen reduced the flu virus in women, but not in men. Klein and her team tested the effects of estrogen on the influenza A virus, which commonly affects many during flu season. … Read More

As important as family is to many of us, friends are of equal caliber. Your family is there from the beginning, whereas friends enter our lives later and in certain cases, quickly become our second family – and for a good cause. Studies have shown that having your best pals around you can actually improve your health … Read More

Coffee is a life source for many of us. I can definitely admit to having gone through a period of extreme coffee obsession, despite having heard so much about how coffee is bad for my health. Yet now, in addition to the short-term benefits, there may be some long term benefits to drinking coffee, especially in preventing liver cirrhosis. Liver cirrhosis … Read More

Losing weight is one of the most enduring trends over the years, especially since obesity has become part of the American life. Whereas it seems like some of us have no trouble losing weight and keeping it off, others have more of a struggle. But it seems like obesity has to do more with than just the … Read More

All cultures around the world use herbs in their cuisine, some more than others. Indian cuisine, for one, has some of the best uses for herbs that do wonders for enhancing flavors in their dishes. The benefits of herbs, however, go beyond just adding a spike in the taste; they have also been shown to help the brain. A … Read More

During major holidays, most of us usually tend to do two things: have a wonderful time with friends and family (something to look forward to) and potentially put on a few pounds due to the increased sugar in our diets (something to not look forward to). It seems, however, that the food we eat is getting sweeter as each year … Read More

We all know one of the most important things in fighting diseases is early detection and prevention. It’s a key step to diagnosing and treating any condition, especially cancer. While some cancers, like pancreatic cancer, are harder to diagnose early on, other ones such as breast cancer are easier. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of … Read More

No one can say that exercise is bad for you. But the same is not always true for pills. Wait, what? Exercise and pills? What do they have to do with each other? For those of us who love being healthy yet hate any type of physical exertion, there might be a new solution: a pill that produces the … Read More

Did you know there could possibly be a new way to reduce the risk of asthma in children? And it comes from an unexpected source. Animals! This may seem a bit counterintuitive, but yes, there is a new study that suggests dogs or other farm animals may help in combating the risk of getting asthma … Read More

Music is something that surrounds our everyday life whether songs are playing over the intercom system at grocery stores or from the radio as you’re driving. I often find myself jumping along happily to an upbeat song or sobbing to a melancholy one. It reaffirms our current feelings, whether joyous or turbulent. And with so many people having an … Read More

It seems like the older we get, the more we cherish our sleep time. Sleep is our time to relax, to let go of our worries, to disconnect from the world for a bit. But even something so seemingly innocuous and desirable can pose a problem due to a glitch in our system. There exist many sleep disorders … Read More

For many parents, their children become their whole world the minute they are born. From nurturing mothers and protective fathers, children are the joy and life of many parents. But protecting a child doesn’t just start when they take their first breath. For mothers, it starts when the baby is conceived. Pregnancy is only the first step in … Read More

I’m one of the many girls who love frequently using nail polish. Red and blue on Monday can change to yellow and green on Wednesday only to change to bright pink on Thursday. But as too much make-up can be bad for your skin, excessive nail polish can wreak havoc on your nails. It is important to know what … Read More

As we get older, the risk of contracting diseases and the chances of deteriorating health invariably grows. You might have even heard of one of the most common of these conditions affecting the elderly: osteoporosis. There are more than three million cases in the US each year for this condition. So what is it? Osteoporosis is a condition … Read More

Many people tend to clench or grind their teeth in anger. Even I’m guilty of doing so. However, as opposed to the purposeful movement of teeth, bruxism, unconscious teeth grinding, is also a possibility. And if it occurs often enough, it can lead to serious oral damage. Teeth grinding usually occurs while we sleep and is associated with stress and … Read More

Today, cancer is one of the leading causes of death in our world. Cancer begins with an abnormal growth of cells that can form a mass called a tumor, which can possibly invade nearby tissues. Similarly, in breast cancer, tumors form in the breast tissue. As with any type of cancer, early detection is critical for overcoming the disease and ensuring good health … Read More

There are multiple ways for women to prevent pregnancies during intercourse; many of them are common and well-talked about. However, men are also capable of practicing contraceptive methods besides the most common one: the use of condoms. Men have five birth control options which include abstinence, condoms, outercourse, vasectomy, and withdrawal. Abstinence includes forgoing sexual activity. It’s simple. … Read More

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