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Ben Jackson is a third year student at UC Berkeley double majoring in both Molecular and Cell Biology (Immunology) and English, with a minor in music. By joining Morning Sign Out, he hopes to combine his passions for both biology and writing, making new discoveries and information more accessible to the public. When not in the library or in the lab, Ben loves reading, getting boba with friends, and cats.

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Abilify. Nexium. Humira. Advair Diskus. These are just a few of the most popular pharmaceuticals prescribed in 2014; each of these drugs generated over one million dollars in quarter 1 sales alone. While the prescription and sale of drugs is largely dependent on drug efficacy and function, an important part of the pharmaceutical industry is branding … Read More

We’ve all been there: sitting in the waiting room, heart pounding, waiting for your name to be called. From small children to mature adults, no one enjoys being vaccinated against the flu. More broadly referred to as aichmophobia, needle-phobia makes many of us dread those trips to the doctor’s office. However, since 2003 an alternative has been … Read More

A traditional beverage across many countries and cultures, red wine has often been hailed as not only one of the classiest drinks, but also as one of the healthiest alcoholic options available. This claim is not without scientific evidence; compounds in wine, namely polyphenols, have displayed antioxidant effects in numerous studies. It has been shown that these … Read More

Full disclosure, I have an identical twin brother. Identical twins have long occupied the popular imagination with their nearly indistinguishable genomes (verifiable via sequencing). Seeming to belong to the realm of Star Wars and science fiction, they are genetically clones. In the world of medicine, this represents an intriguing possibility: an identical twin is a living, walking … Read More

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