Chris Yang

MSO Berkeley Director of Web and Design, Writer for Pharmaceuticals and Alternative Medicine

Chris Yang is a 2nd year intended NST - Physiology and Metabolism major at UC Berkeley. He enjoys working out and supporting sports teams that always lose in the postseason.

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Marijuana often evokes images of euphoria and relaxed lethargy. Some of the earliest human cultures ingested and smoked the leaves of the plant, and its consumption has persisted in modern society. Although it’s most commonly used as a recreational drug, marijuana also has important medicinal, religious, and spiritual applications. To some, it’s an important clinical substance that functions as … Read More

In our progressive society, the prevalence of mental illness is receiving more and more attention. Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) is a relatively new form of non-invasive brain electrotherapy that has been slowly gaining favor as a potential treatment for psychiatric disorders. Much like other forms of electrotherapy, CES applies a weak electrical current across a person’s … Read More

Naturopathic treatments. Alternative medicine. Homeopathy. Over the years, many people have associated these forms of treatment with clinical malpractice and irrational science. In our advanced world, such alternative methods seem to have no place. They are based largely on anecdotal evidence and lack professional support and funding. Thoroughly designed clinical trials for such complementary and alternative … Read More

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