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Leslie is an undergraduate student at UC Irvine studying pharmaceutical sciences who has had an interest in medicine for as long as she can remember. Her thirst for knowledge motivates her to continue her studies in the medical field. Leslie's other hobbies include making costumes and gaming.

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At a drug store, there are shelves upon shelves of different medicines to choose from. Over the years we have developed many forms of these medications, so whether we are looking for cold medicine or a pain killer, we are faced with a decision: Should I get the gel capsules or the tablets? Which one is … Read More

The use of lavender as a remedy dates back nearly 2,500 years. The ancient Greeks used it as a cure for nearly everything from insomnia to insanity. Today, lavender is popularly used in the aromatherapy industry. Best known as a natural sedative, lavender’s most prominent strength is its ability to calm the nervous system. These calming … Read More

The menstrual period is a monthly event dreaded by women all over the world. Some experience menstrual pain so excruciating that it conflicts with other areas of life, so it is not surprising that many of us reach for the medicine cabinet to dull the agony and get on with our days. However, there is a more natural … Read More

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