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Hattie is a senior studying Neurobiology in UC Berkeley. She hopes to work in the oral health care field as a professional in advocating for better access of care and as an oral surgeon working internationally in developing countries. Outside of her professional goals, she loves being outdoors. In the summer, she would go fishing, hiking and camping with her dog, and in the winter she enjoys snowboarding.

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In the name of money, large corporations commonly raise pigs, cows, and chickens in compact spaces where they are unable to move, frequently mutilated, and pumped up with hormones. As a result, many people are fighting against the mistreatment of animals by going vegetarian, abstaining from eating meat on Mondays with the widely-used hashtag #meatlessmondays, or simply buying free range meat. … Read More

FAQ on that foul smell, hey! Halitosis. That is the medical term for bad breath. Most of us at one time or another have quite literally zipped our mouth shut because of that foul smell that even we ourselves cannot stand. How can the mouth, the organ that keeps us alive and that we associate with … Read More

If there are 50 shades of grey anywhere, it is probably in Mr. Grey’s dental X-rays (given the amount of coffee he consumes). The shades of dental X-rays may bring different sentiments other than love, such as denial, dread, confusion, relief, or even, curiosity. After all,  X-rays capture what we cannot see. Embed from Getty Images  X-ray films Image Source: Andresr … Read More

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