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Quang Cao is a 2nd year Biology major at UCLA. He loves bicycling and tennis, and makes sure to be an advocate for healthy living. However, nothing can beat his love for food and adventuring for new ethnic cuisines.

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We all crave human interaction to varying degrees, and we do what we can to stave off those pangs of loneliness when they come. However, even with human interaction, it’s possible to feel lonely. Face-to-face communication, especially eye contact, engages all our senses to provide a meaningful, cathartic experience that fully satisfies our primal need for … Read More

It’s tough eating healthy sometimes, isn’t it? If it’s healthy for you, it’s not likely to be tasty for the untrained tongue. If it’s healthy and tasty, it’s likely to be expensive and out of your budget (think quinoa). It’s a wonderful thing that cacao exists then because, yes, it hits the perfect trifecta. Before we … Read More

It is well known that eating leafy greens will help you live a longer, healthier life, but what about living near them? A new study published by researchers at the Harvard T.C. Chan School of Public Health looks at the effects of the presence of vegetation on the longevity of women and shows that the impact is indeed long-lasting. The … Read More

Let’s get down to business! You clicked on this article because you didn’t know that seaweed was such a healthy food option. Or maybe you do know it’s good for you, but you’re not sure exactly what benefits it could possibly offer for our bodies. Whichever the case, you’re about to find out why. The main thing … Read More

For those who choose to participate, it is a way of life, and for those who don’t, it appears to be a mere distraction. In either case, one cannot deny the powerful and alluring force that is social media and its effect on everyday life. Why? There must be something more profound to social media than flashy filters and celebrity tweets. … Read More

For those who have resolved to adopt a healthier lifestyle and be fitter for this new year, congratulations! You’ve just taken on a yearlong goal, and the next few months will not be easy. You’ll find as you’re undergoing a new diet or developing an exercise routine that it’s very tempting to skip a few … Read More

You eat what your food eats. It’s an interesting thought, right? Intuitively, it makes sense if you consider the common warning to limit tuna and swordfish consumption because of the high mercury content that they absorb from the ocean. In a similar way, the quality of the beef you eat is heavily affected by how well that cow … Read More

2016 is here! With a new year comes new life resolutions, and fitness is always an important goal in our lives. When it comes to working out, however, people sometimes lack the motivation to work on their legs and instead focus on more popular exercises that stimulate upper-body strength such as the bench press. Well, … Read More

There’s often a lot of talk about the benefits of exercise in the media, but it can still be hard to find the proper motivation to exercise on a consistent basis. Well, here’s another reason to start moving your body: exercise has been shown to slow down the aging process! A recent study aggregated a large volume of … Read More

Eggs are wonderful. Often lauded as a balanced part of breakfast and a “superfood”, the egg provides a great number of health benefits, and with moderate consumption, it raises no health concerns. However, recent studies on the effects of the amino acid tyrosine show that eggs can do more than provide high nutritional fuel for your body; they … Read More

From cash-strapped college students to struggling workers, we’ve all been in a similar situation. You’ve been busy taking care of your responsibilities and are looking forward to eating that wonderful loaf of bread that’s been sitting in the fridge for the past few days. But, lo and behold, you look into the fridge and find the first indisputable signs of … Read More

Many are born with it, some develop it as they grow up, and a lucky few are just naturally immune to it; however, regardless of the random nature of genetic inheritance, one thing is universally true about motion sickness: nobody wants it. Motion sickness occurs when your body’s motion-detecting parts, namely your eyes and inner ear, send … Read More

Canned fish has a reputation for its low prices and long shelf life that one usually can’t find in fresh fish; however, does it hold its own against its fresh counterparts in terms of nutrition? The answer is yes. Many people may feel skeptical about canned fish for many reasons; they might believe that low prices correlate with low quality, or that its taste doesn’t compare to that … Read More

The more you eat, the more full you feel. That’s usually how life works, isn’t it? However, that just isn’t the case with fructose. A recent study shows that consuming high levels of fructose may actually increase your cravings for high-calorie foods. When compared to participants who consumed a drink filled with glucose, participants who consumed fructose drinks were more … Read More

The human body can be adept and versatile, but it needs some proper care and maintenance on a regular basis to make sure that it can operate at its best. While exercise definitely does a phenomenal job at maintaining the body’s physical health, meditation provides the spiritual catharsis that the body sorely needs after a mentally stressful … Read More

Brushing your teeth is never a bad thing, right? Many of us follow the American Dental Association guidelines of brushing and flossing at a minimum of twice daily. Some of us brush more often than others. Nevertheless, while brushing more generally provides more protection for your teeth, doing it at the wrong time can actually … Read More

Exercise is important in people’s daily lives, as proven by the multitude of health blogs, nutrition magazines, P90X commercials, and online newspaper articles circulating in the media. However, with jobs, school, and overall busy lives, it’s important to ask a critical question before committing to a consistent fitness lifestyle: “How much exercise is enough so that I can … Read More

People grow up hearing that peanuts are high in fat and can cause considerable weight gain if eaten regularly. However, choosing to leave peanuts out of one’s diet solely for this reason may be just plain nuts. Peanuts and other nuts provide nutritional benefits and promote longer, healthier lives. Despite common misconceptions about them, peanuts may actually be the super … Read More

A lone wolf may be able to thrive in solitude, but humans are not wolves. Loneliness hurts, and it affects the strongest of people. Recent studies have shed light on the severity of loneliness, and its toll on human health, even for individuals who prefer to be alone. If left alone, this silent sickness can fester into … Read More

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