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Stephanie is a first-year intended Public Health major at UC Berkeley. She is a Current Research writer for Morning Sign Out, and is involved in Circle K and the Cal Alumni Student Association.

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A research team, including senior author David Glanzman of the Integrative Biology and Physiology and Neurobiology departments at UCLA, has found that early Alzheimer’s patients may be able to restore lost memories by reestablishing connections between neurons in the brain. Neurons are long cells that are essentially weaved together in a neural network. Messages are sent from … Read More

Maple syrup, a longtime favorite condiment, is now being considered for more than just its delicious taste. Canadian researchers led by chemical engineer Nathalie Tufenkji at McGill University, Montreal, have revealed a new use for the classic breakfast topping: helping make bacteria more susceptible to antibiotics. First, the scientists extracted a certain type of aromatic organic … Read More

A study by California’s Stanford University School of Medicine, led by Dr. Michael Eisenberg, revealed evidence that infertility in men tells of other hidden health problems. This study analyzed 9,837 infertile men averaging 38 years of age. Their semen had been collected at some point between 1994 and 2011; corresponding medical records were studied for motility, concentration, … Read More

An international research team led by Professor Charles Bourque at McGill University in Montreal, Canada has found that in mice, excess consumption of salt results in the brain’s ‘reprogramming.’ Normally, there is a safety mechanism that keeps arterial blood pressure from rising, but salt (or, more specifically, sodium) puts individuals at higher risk for high blood … Read More

A study by a research team including Adrian Egli from the University of Basel in Switzerland found that a variant in a gene called IL-28B may influence the effectiveness of the flu vaccine. Usually, the flu results in mild symptoms such as nausea, cough, fever, and stuffy nose. However, in some, the condition can lead to serious … Read More

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