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Ever hear that faint buzzing sound or see a brown speck on the floor? Chances are a bug has snuck into your home from the outside. The most common ones seen in a household are bees, houseflies, ticks, mosquitos, and cockroaches, and all of them can deteriorate your health if not handled quickly. When dealing with pests, it is important to know the risks bugs impose, how to deal with bites or stings, as well as how to prevent further infestation.

There are countless types of bugs that sneak into houses, and it is important to identify what bug it is and what kind of threat it poses. For example, bees aren’t a real threat unless they are provoked by something. If they do sting, a normal reaction is sharp pain where stung as well as redness and swelling for the next couple of days. However, anaphylactic (allergic) shock is another potential response to bee stings that requires immediate medical attention. Other common pests are ticks and mosquitos, who love to suck blood. Tick borne and mosquito transmitted illnesses can be lethal if contracted. Houseflies and cockroaches, on the other hand, do not bite or sting. They do, however, carry a slew of bacteria that can be transmitted to food and furniture.

Usually, bees are harmless unless provoked. They just want to collect pollen!

Image Source: Sumiko Scott

Having a good knowledge of common household pests is important to know how to deal with them. For bees, the proper treatment is removing the stinger and applying anti-inflammatory cream. However, if you are allergic, it is important to have an epinephrine pen on hand and to seek immediate medical attention. For ticks, take the tick off with tweezers and use water with soap to prevent any infection. To avoid getting infections from mosquitos, have all the mandatory vaccinations since mosquitos sometimes carry those illnesses. Also, having screens on your doors and windows can prevent mosquitos from entering the house! The same goes for flies and cockroaches, as they usually enter the house from the outside. Another good thing to do is to make sure that there are no spoiled foods within the house as these can attract bugs as well.

Vaccinations are a great way to avoid the dangerous diseases transmitted by mosquitos!

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It is crucial to take proper preventative measures so you will never have to deal with bugs in the first place. Always keeping the doors closed, putting screens up, and maintaining the yard are only some of the many ways to prevent bugs from entering the house. Most times, you will be dealing with a harmless fly, but it is always good to stay vigilant!

Feature Image Source: Tick by John Tann

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