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Many may have heard horror stories about the V.A. (Veterans’ Affairs). They have ridiculously long wait lines; accusations involving these long wait lines and other bureaucratic issues resulted in a scandal that led the V.A. chief to resign. What might be striking, however, is that these problems are easily preventable. V.A. healthcare is not a … Read More

Warning: Graphic images. “Mike Stamford: I heard you were abroad somewhere getting shot at. What happened? Dr. John Watson: I got shot.” – Sherlock (BBC) College counselor, Clara: “During my time working with college veterans, I have deeply felt that there are three ‘one-percents’ prevalent in society. “There’s the one percent that we hear on … Read More

When bees threaten a family picnic or romantic walk in the park, it may be tempting to wish they would just disappear. However, while most of us rationally recognize the need for their pollination, their numbers are starting to dwindle. This leads many people to ask questions: why are the bees dying? How can we stop … Read More

On December 19, 2014, the CDC issued an official statement mandating the recall of caramel apples. Since the first Wednesday of the new year, the consumption of caramel apples, regarded as different from candied apples in the marketplace, has been responsible for 32 cases of infection across 11 different states. Six of the infected people have died. Currently, Missouri … Read More

Premed Perspective From Switzerland: Part III Bonjour de Genève! There are obviously quite a few differences between Switzerland and the United States (#1: way better chocolate, and you can get it for only $0.50!) but, this post analyzes the differences between what I’ve seen in Geneva and America from a public health angle. 3 Positive Reflections on … Read More

With the snowballing of hysteria in 2014– as with the Ebola scare–it is sometimes easy to forget that there are teams of people working to prioritize and mitigate threats. Pegged as the “primary public health institution” in the United States, The Center for Disease Control (CDC) assesses threats, evaluates their potential effects, and then forms … Read More

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