Sit up. Stand straight. Don’t slouch. These commands probably sound familiar to you, voiced many times over by a parent, guardian, or perhaps your very own mind. In that moment, you may have obliged only to sink back into your previous position soon after, if you didn’t shrug it off entirely to begin with. After … Read More

As many people know, obesity is a widespread medical condition characterized by excess accumulation of body fat. Being obese means that you have an increased risk of hypertension, diabetes, poor blood fat profile, and heart muscle disease; all of which contribute to an increased risk for a heart attack and subsequent heart failure. Although the body mass … Read More

If your parents have ever nagged at you to get out of bed and do something productive on a Saturday morning, you can now tell them that sleeping in on weekends is a good practice, especially for those who regularly do not get enough sleep during the week. A recent study conducted by researchers at the … Read More

From improving vision and memory to delaying aging, to warding off cancer and lowering risk of heart disease, blueberries are considered a super fruit for their long list of benefits. What makes blueberries so good are the Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Manganese, phytonutrients, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium, and Zinc found within them. These compounds not only strengthen your bones and … Read More

The human eye is able to create vision when incoming light rays are refracted, or bent, as they pass through the cornea and lens. These refracted light rays come together on the retina, where they are translated into messages sent through the optic nerve to the brain to be interpreted into images. Individuals who have myopia, also … Read More

Along with the pain and joys of pregnancy comes the strange phenomenon of pregnancy cravings. Although there are hypotheses posed as to why pregnant women experience this condition, it remains a mystery as to why some women undergo these cravings while other women do not. Moreover, some women, rather than desiring a specific food, experience feelings of aversion to certain types of … Read More

In “First World” countries, adults spend the majority of their waking hours in sitting position. From driving to work in a car to eating lunch at a table, a huge portion of one’s day is spent sitting down in some form of a chair. Although sitting itself seems like a harmless action, sitting for prolonged period of time … Read More

The development of contact lenses has revolutionized the way vision is corrected for those suffering from imperfect eyesight, so much so that there are about 41 million contact lens users in the United States. Although using contact lenses requires minimal effort, precautions should be taken because they do pose health risks to the eye when misused. … Read More

Food traditionally fried in canola oil has been criticized because of studies that link consumption to increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. It clogs arteries, creating problems for the heart in particular. However, there might be a way for people to have their fried food and eat it, too! Research published in Food Chemistry suggests … Read More

The phrase “Father Time is undefeated” is common in sports, especially for aging athletes. It means that age will eventually catch up with these athletes, diminishing their physical abilities. Athletes, such as Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods, however, have received platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to speed up the healing process for injuries and play longer. What is PRP, and … Read More

While modern society has attributed many social implications to crying, from the perspective of science, it is as natural as any other human bodily function. Tears are most often associated with an emotional response, but consider this: the system that makes you cry while watching a sad movie is the same one that causes your … Read More

A concussion is the least serious, but most common, type of traumatic brain injury. Symptoms of brain concussions can include headaches, disturbed vision, memory loss, trouble with balance and coordination, problems with concentration, and even loss of consciousness. Although a concussion is usually temporary and a full recovery is more than possible, the Canadian Medical Association … Read More

Many of us have been in this scenario: you have been practicing a piece of music for months, and at this point, you could probably play it in your sleep. Or you have been rehearsing your figure skating routine for the entire season, and you haven’t fallen on a jump for months now. A soon as you step in front of the … Read More

Coffee is a life source for many of us. I can definitely admit to having gone through a period of extreme coffee obsession, despite having heard so much about how coffee is bad for my health. Yet now, in addition to the short-term benefits, there may be some long term benefits to drinking coffee, especially in preventing liver cirrhosis. Liver cirrhosis … Read More

Auditory perception, or hearing, is an amazing phenomenon. From listening to your favorite band live in concert to hearing a baby’s first words, your ears help you to fully experience incredible life events. The ear consists of several important structures that work together to convert noise signals from the environment into electrical signals that the … Read More

Chipotle has enjoyed a favorite place in popular culture for its fresh ingredients, great taste, and guac. But this favorite fast food chain has been facing allegations of a norovirus outbreak in the past few months. Even as recently as this month, a school in Charlotte, NC closed down as a result of massive outbreaks of norovirus amongst students. … Read More

It is not very surprising that school causes headaches. In fact, increased headaches at back-to-school time are a clear trend. Lead researcher Ann Pakalnis and a team of physicians at Nationwide Children’s Hospital found that more children had headaches in the fall, possibly because of changes in stress and changes in routines. The study, which observed 1,300 … Read More

Ask any woman—menstrual periods are a literal pain. Nonetheless, though the exact level of discomfort varies, the infamous cycle should never completely disrupt a daily routine. If you or a loved one suffers from extreme, debilitating abdominal pain around that time of the month, endometriosis may be to blame. Endometriosis arises when tissue akin to … Read More

When exercising, it is important to continuously hydrate yourself to prevent dangerous conditions that can be caused by dehydration, such as low blood pressure and muscle cramps. A common question you might have is how much water should be consumed as part of a healthy exercise regimen. However, you will most likely overlook another important factor in … Read More

The common cold is nothing to sneeze at. It leads to 3,000 to 49,000 US deaths a year and may be responsible for five to 20% of American’s sicknesses each year. It also has a broad presence; every child gets infected before their second birthday. Easily spread through coughs and sneezes, the virus will then infect lungs and airways, leading to … Read More

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