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If you browse this website long enough, you’ll see that we’re big on exercise and health, and for good reason. Other than losing weight, exercise helps you live longer and boost your brain’s operating ability. Still, for those struggling to find motivation to exercise, an exercise-based study conducted in the college town of Boulder, Colorado shows that adding an engine to your old bike may give you the “oomph” necessary to get you moving.

For those who may not know, an electric motorized bike is one in which the engine assists the rider when they’re pedaling. It doesn’t do all the work, like a moped or motorcycle would. Thus, a rider can still get some exercise but doesn’t become exhausted if he or she has to travel longer distances. With this in mind, the original researchers had an idea: if we gave out motorized bikes to a group of sedentary volunteers and made them ride it to work every other day, would it be good for them, and would they like it? The short answer: yes, and yes.

Details of the experimental results show that after riding the motorized bike to work at least three times a week for a month, the volunteers reported greater levels of aerobic fitness and blood sugar control. The volunteers also enjoyed using the bikes and actually looked forward to exercising on their commutes. Generally, a major obstacle to exercising is the hefty cost of time associated with it. Since electric bikes provide both practical transportation and physical stimulation, people no longer have to worry about time being an issue. Consequently, as reported in the study, most of the volunteers actually biked more and exercised harder than was required of them, indicating that the electric bike served as a motivational incentive to exercise.

 With the e-bike, you can get your daily dose of exercise while still getting your speed fix!

Image Source: Katja Kircher

Of course, the electric bike may not be for everyone. The main drawback is the hefty price tag ($10,000 for the Stealth Bomber B52 which maxes out at 50mph). It also doesn’t provide the same level of exercise as actual biking, so don’t expect to become an Olympian with the e-bike. However, this may still work out for the best in some cases, as it’s definitely a great gateway into exercise for those strapped for time and for commuters who want to get to their destinations without being drenched in sweat.

Regardless, it doesn’t matter how we move, whether it’s on an e-bike, single-speed bike, scooter, or on our own two feet. At the end of the day, it’s all about making exercise fun and well-tuned to our everyday lives.

Feature Image Source: lioneltgta

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