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Fall brings chilly weather and red leaves. However, many people tend to disregard the vast array of tasty and healthy foods that accompany the fall season. Before we approach fall recipes, it is important to determine what actually makes a recipe healthy, and then we can delve into the array of ingredients that autumn provides!

So what actually makes a meal “healthy” and what makes the meal a “treat?” The following are the criteria the meal must meet in order to be deemed healthy. First of all, the recipe has to be relatively low calorie. Generally, a meal for a regular person who consumes 3 meals a day should be around 500-700 calories. Also, recipes that include fruits and vegetables are great because it is very important to get a daily fix of micronutrients and vitamins. Lastly, to get a nice balanced meal, try getting a good macronutrient split of protein, carbs, and fats!

 Prioritize getting fruits and vegetables in your diet to prevent getting sick and keep healthy skin!

Image Source: Hinterhaus Productions

Our first recipe is delicious baked sweet potato chips. Sweet potatoes are really popular during the fall season and spout many health benefits. Peel the sweet potatoes into small circles and put them on a non-stick cooking tray. Then, place healthy olive or coconut oil on the potatoes so they can cook well, and if desired, a little bit of salt or any other spices. The oven should be preheated at 375 degrees and the chips should be put in for 10 minutes before being flipped. The end result will be very tasty and guilt free!

Another recipe to try is my signature green smoothie that you can drink for breakfast or as a snack. I blend together a lot of spinach and frozen fruit that are in season, while also adding protein powder for a nice protein kick. During the fall, I love incorporating frozen pears into my smoothies for their antioxidants and sweet taste. This recipe is really simple and you can have a healthy low-calorie smoothie in minutes!

Lastly, there are the sweet and savory turkey roll ups. These take two staple foods of fall, turkey and apples, and combine them into one cohesive bite. It’s as simple as wrapping slices of apple with cold cut turkey slices.  You can even add in low-fat cheese if you want a richer taste! This recipe can make a quick lunch or snack, adding a good amount of nutrients from the apple and protein from the turkey.

Fall is a great time to enjoy different produce, and there are many recipes out there aside from these that can make a healthy meal. Just remember the criteria for a healthy recipe and test out the many fall options out there for yourself!

Feature Image Source: pumpkins by I, DL.

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