Premed Advising

As part of Morning Sign Out’s mission to make science and medicine understandable and accessible to our readers, we want to make the process of applying to medical school as clear and transparent as possible because we know how difficult and disheartening the journey to become a doctor can be. This dream began with MSO’s founder, Dr. Andrew Lee, who originally created a Facebook group called Premed Advising to help pre-medical students from his alma mater, UC Berkeley. The group grew to be over 2,000 members large, and as students graduated and matriculated into medical schools themselves, several returned to contribute to the group. The advice contained in this guide results from the combined efforts of Andy and other current and former students. We hope you will find the information in this guide both useful and reassuring!

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Table of Contents

About the Contributors

The Six Bucket Analogy

Bucket #1: Academics (coming soon)

Bucket #2: Research (coming soon)

Bucket #3: Community Service

Bucket #4: Extracurriculars

Bucket #5: Clinical Experience (coming soon)

Bucket #6: Application Skills (coming soon)

Application Requirements


MCAT (coming soon)

Personal Statement

The Application Process

Before applying (coming soon)

When applying

Interview (coming soon)

Gap Years (coming soon)

Miscellaneous (coming soon)