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It’s indisputable that cancer, especially when terminal, causes deep emotional pain. This pain is often hard to cope with and hard to treat. Recently, some scientists and doctors have been relying on the use of a familiar but unconventional drug to treat emotional pain: “magic mushrooms.” A new article published by Newsweek details a patient named Dinah Bazer, … Read More

I was recently in a tea shop in New York, coughing up a storm. The man behind the counter recommended a particular tea set for me. There were three teas within the set, but his main selling point was that one of those teas contained valerian root—the potential key to sleeping soundly through the night. His … Read More

Recently, there has been a lot of debate about exercise and pregnancy due to the rise of pregnant women staying active. When discussing this topic, many encourage women to maintain an active lifestyle while pregnant, while others criticize such women, suggesting they hurt their bodies and babies. Published in The Journal of Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Morris … Read More

Onions may be famous for giving you bad breath and bringing tears to your eyes, but they carry some pretty hefty nutritional value too! While providing abundant flavor to your favorite dishes, they are high in vitamin C, a good source of fiber, and possible players in preventing cancer and reducing the risk of heart disease. Embed … Read More

The symptoms of a urinary tract infection are quite distinct: Pain or a stinging sensation while urinating Cloudy or strange-smelling urine A frequent need to urinate, but only a small amount of actual urine produced Pressure in the lower belly If you’ve had any of these symptoms before, do not worry: you are not alone. Urinary … Read More

You know the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but have you ever heard, “Apple cider everyday keeps the doctor away?” Okay, me neither, but there may be some truth to this statement! Apple cider vinegar is often an ingredient in foods like salad dressing and meat marinades, but did you know … Read More

Massage is an established form of alternative medicine, said to reduce pain from numerous conditions and potentially improve mental health. Usually applied to high tension areas, massage can also be specially utilized around the face and neck. Facial massage is said to have benefits such as slimming the face, brightening complexion, detoxifying the area, and relieving pain. … Read More

What is Acupuncture? These days, it seems that almost everybody is interested in holistic health. Acupuncture is among the long list of complementary and alternative medicines that are increasingly popular. It may seem counterintuitive that sticking needles in yourself could actually benefit your well-being, but recent studies have shown that the claims made in favor of … Read More

It seems that every week, there is a new superfood being publicized as a miracle cure-all, making it hard to distinguish what is true from what is being overly exaggerated. One such food,  Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT), has recently found its way into the spotlight. Fortunately, its health benefits do not seem exaggerated, as they are supported by … Read More

Bacteria live on nearly every imaginable surface on Earth. Most bacteria are harmless when they do not outcompete the natural microbiome of the body. However, when bacteria move into areas they are not supposed be in, they can become a problem. Urinary tract infections (UTI) are characterized by the presence of an excessive amount of … Read More

Almonds, which are often found in desserts and breakfast cereals, make delicious snacks on their own. They are a nutrient powerhouse, packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein! In addition, they have a high unsaturated fat content and a low saturated fat content, and they are cholesterol free. Daily consumption of almonds may provide major health benefits … Read More

Did you know that papaya plants are not trees, but rather giant herbs, and that the papaya fruit is actually a berry? This plant, thought to have originated from southern Mexico and Central America, is now grown in every tropical and subtropical region. The papaya provides an excellent source of Vitamin C, and its leaves and … Read More

Back in my days as a young, impressionable child, my mother would present me with herbal medication any time I was stuck with a cold. It was not until recently that I began to ask: what exactly was in the medicine I was taking? The medicine I’m referring to is a common Chinese herbal supplement called gan mao … Read More

If you have ever made the mistake of buying an over-sized bottle of vodka for $4.99, you’ve probably come to the quick realization that cheap alcohol does not taste very good. Now you have a lot of poor-tasting, unwanted alcohol and don’t know what to do with it. Throw a party? Pour it down the drain? How about … Read More

Aloe vera is a plant that originates from subtropical and tropical locations such as South Africa and the Caribbean. Within the leaf of the aloe plant is a clear, jelly-like substance. This substance is aloe gel, commonly used as a topical treatment for burns. Aloe gel is 99% water. The remaining one percent consists of … Read More

When our teeth ache, we know that it’s time to visit the dentist. As children, we were often told that we would get cavities if we didn’t brush our teeth enough or if we ate too much candy. However, studies now show that this might not always be the case. Dr. Price, once the chairman of the … Read More

Honey is a bee-derived treat, made of important sugars like fructose and glucose. It also, however, contains an assortment of proteins, vitamins, and enzymes. In this article, we’ll discuss a few properties of honey. Wound Repair Since ancient times, honey has been used as a topical remedy for burns and wounds. Honey keeps the wound moist, and its … Read More

You may have heard of A Bug’s Life, but did you know that some bugs are used for drugs? In places like East Asia, Africa, and South America, insects have been incorporated into medicinal treatments for centuries. Over the years, the field has been slowly growing as more and more experiments are conducted to evaluate the … Read More

There are many types of health care outside of the system we typically associate with Western medicine, including complementary, alternative, or integrative medicine. Alternative medicine is a different approach to medicine that cannot be coupled with mainstream medicine. Complementary medicine is a combination of alternative and mainstream, western medicine. Integrative medicine encompasses practices such as acupuncture … Read More

When you take a massage day at the spa, relaxation is expected, but would you ever think of using massage therapy to treat your chronic pain or anxiety? According to Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, 85 percent of nurse practitioners say they recommend patient to try massage therapy as an alternative treatment option. … Read More

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