Chocolate, little dark brown squares of sweetness that melt in your mouth, may be a guilty pleasure or a love that people confidently declare. In fact, Jo Brand, an English comedian, once said, “anything is good if it’s made of chocolate.” As it turns out, chocolate not only tastes good but is also beneficial for fetal health according … Read More

Its signature look is an eerily bright green powder with an earthy, grassy scent: matcha, a specific type of green tea, originated in Japan. In fact, “cha” is the Japanese word for tea while “ma” means powder, literally translating to powdered green tea. In the past, matcha tea was typically served during Zen tea ceremonies, tea gatherings in Buddhism that encourage … Read More

All cultures around the world use herbs in their cuisine, some more than others. Indian cuisine, for one, has some of the best uses for herbs that do wonders for enhancing flavors in their dishes. The benefits of herbs, however, go beyond just adding a spike in the taste; they have also been shown to help the brain. A … Read More

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