We’ve all been in this situation: it’s a busy day, we’ve been sitting in front of the computer screen for a few hours, and we’re beginning to get restless. Eventually, all that pent up energy starts being released, little by little—we begin to move around in our chair, perhaps tapping our fingers, or wiggling our … Read More

Many people need a daily cup of coffee or tea in the morning to feel ready to start their day. But in terms of health, coffee is often given a bad name while tea is praised. Some people even call tea a “superfood”—but why? Tea can be divided into two categories: those made from the plant Camellia sinensis, and those … Read More

Beautiful and resilient skin is what many women strive for as they age. A lot of the beauty products that promote anti-aging effects often contain vitamin E, but what exactly is vitamin E? What are its potential benefits and harms? Vitamin E is an antioxidant, a compound that primarily protects cell membranes from damage. It is used in many hair, skin … Read More

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