Two years ago, I met someone with a condition called dystonia. Even as someone with a science background, I had never heard of the disorder—in fact, I would not have noticed his illness without being told since the symptoms of dystonia are mostly controlled by medication. Because so much about the human brain has yet … Read More

Chlorine is used to disinfect pool water, in particular, to prevent disease-causing microorganisms from growing in pools. It exists naturally as a gas, and some natural chlorine particles may be present in the area around the swimming pool water. Swimmers often experience swollen eyes or itchy skin caused by chlorine particles in the air. In fact, according to … Read More

Chipotle has enjoyed a favorite place in popular culture for its fresh ingredients, great taste, and guac. But this favorite fast food chain has been facing allegations of a norovirus outbreak in the past few months. Even as recently as this month, a school in Charlotte, NC closed down as a result of massive outbreaks of norovirus amongst students. … Read More

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