In her TEDx talk “Sex Matters in Emergency Medicine,” Dr. Alyson McGregor shares an astounding fact: of all drugs withdrawn from the market, 80% are withdrawn because of their side effects on women. This number cannot be attributed to simple chance or coincidence. As Dr. McGregor explains, this number stems from a long history of … Read More

It’s indisputable that cancer, especially when terminal, causes deep emotional pain. This pain is often hard to cope with and hard to treat. Recently, some scientists and doctors have been relying on the use of a familiar but unconventional drug to treat emotional pain: “magic mushrooms.” A new article published by Newsweek details a patient named Dinah Bazer, … Read More

I was recently in a tea shop in New York, coughing up a storm. The man behind the counter recommended a particular tea set for me. There were three teas within the set, but his main selling point was that one of those teas contained valerian root—the potential key to sleeping soundly through the night. His … Read More

After spending countless nights pulling all-nighters during my time at UC Berkeley, I ended my collegiate career needing 5 cups of coffee a day to stay awake. That’s right. Five. I ended up needing two cups of coffee every morning to start my day, and more to get through it. Caffeine addictions are not as detrimental as other … Read More

As of February 2015, twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana. In addition, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington have legalized recreational marijuana. As overall exposure to the drug has been spreading across the country, cases of allergic reactions to marijuana have also been spreading. Embed from Getty Images  Many states now … Read More

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, about 913,000 people in America were classified with cocaine dependence or as cocaine abusers in 2014. The Drug Abuse Warning Network found that in 2011, cocaine was involved in 505,224 of emergency department visits for drug misuse and abuse. Cocaine is a powerful drug that can have … Read More

Phencyclidine, more commonly known as the street drug PCP, has beginnings that lie far from the recreational purposes it serves today. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, PCP was first produced and distributed pharmacologically as a surgical anesthetic and phencyclidine was later used as a veterinary anesthetic and tranquilizer. Today, the production and … Read More

Seventy-two million adults. This is the staggering number of adults in the US affected by an epidemic that is caused by neither a virus nor a bacterium. As many as 72 million adults in the US are affected by obesity, and the prevalence rate has been on a consistent incline since 2010. Embed from Getty Images Obesity is … Read More

The brain is a complex organ that people are constantly trying to understand. Brain circuitry is a particularly important aspect of how the brain works. Brain circuits can refer to a bunch of neurons working together to interpret information, as well as regions of the brain that are interconnected in order to perform certain functions. … Read More

Abilify. Nexium. Humira. Advair Diskus. These are just a few of the most popular pharmaceuticals prescribed in 2014; each of these drugs generated over one million dollars in quarter 1 sales alone. While the prescription and sale of drugs is largely dependent on drug efficacy and function, an important part of the pharmaceutical industry is branding … Read More

Effective marketing often promotes name brands over generic brands. As consumers, we purchase items based not only on their effectiveness but also the comfort associated with brands we recognize. In the realm of medications, there has been an increasing understanding that generic products are equivalent to their name brand counterparts; the active ingredients in drug-store medications are composed of the … Read More

In social media and entertainment, cocaine is depicted as a crippling substance often associated with gangs, cartels, and reality shows related to drug interventions. However, cocaine has been around for a while and its initial form and purpose is quite different from the drug that we currently see and know it as. Cocaine is a … Read More

In addition to the incredibly expensive modern day hospital fees, pharmaceutical treatment of a variety of illnesses has become increasingly taxing. With the recent scandal involving Martin Shkreli, a hedge fund manager and CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, and his 5000% price hike of Daraprim, many people are beginning to question the legitimacy of such actions. In September, … Read More

If you’ve ever accidentally burned or cut yourself, you understand the resulting pain that is oftentimes unbearable. It is important for your body to be able to experience pain otherwise you wouldn’t realize that all your fingers have been cut off from dicing onions. However, in cases such as recovering from medical treatment, pain is often … Read More

You’ve probably been administered a drug sometime through your life via mouth, nose, or injection. What if I told you that delivery by grapefruit is also a possibility? Yes, a grapefruit. That bittersweet tasting fruit is not only fully packed with anti-oxidants but is also fully equipped to deliver drugs to your body. Embed from Getty … Read More

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