Our lives have a starting point and an ending point. In other words, mortality is the basis of our evolutionary biology. Just as life plays an integral role in reproduction, so does death. Imagine a world with immortal beings; the hypothetical consequences of this would be an increased fertility rate and an overcrowded environment, leading … Read More

As humans, one of our most unique traits is our ability to speak and comprehend language. Apart from us, only a choice few other species have this ability, the most well-known being parrots and parakeets. Their speech is mostly mimicry, in which they copy heard words quite accurately and form sentences; these sentences usually don’t … Read More

Although researchers have known that endogenous retroviruses, or viruses that reside within our nerve cells, constitute 5% of the human genome, they considered the viruses to be “junk DNA.” Very little of all the DNA in your body is actually utilized in the process of protein synthesis, DNA’s primary focus. This is why many researchers assumed that the retroviruses were … Read More

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