The “five-second rule” is the popular notion that food dropped on the floor is considered safe to eat if picked up within five seconds. The logic behind this rule is that bacteria need time to transfer to the food. Although most adults (hopefully) refrain from eating off the floor, whether or not they believe in this rule, … Read More

Curry, a blend of spices used in a variety of cuisines, varies widely in composition. Many of the common ingredients include turmeric, fenugreek, coriander, cinnamon, and ginger, all of which provide considerable potential health benefits. The spice most-frequently noted for its anti-everything capabilities, however, is turmeric. According to a laboratory animal study published in Evidence-Based Complementary … Read More

Obesity is one of the most prevalent disorders in the US, affecting over a third of adults. A disease resulting largely from over-eating or an unhealthy diet, obesity occurs when excess fatty deposits build up around one’s body. As a risk factor for many other chronic diseases, it is a serious condition and a leading research topic of today. … Read More

Twenty five years ago, AquaBounty, a biotechnology company aiming to improve aquaculture productivity and sustainability, created a genetically modified Atlantic salmon that is now in the process for approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be the first genetically modified meat for human consumption to hit the markets…and it might not even be labeled as “genetically … Read More

Obesity is one of the biggest global health issues of the modern age. Over-eating and lack of exercise are common causes, and people are always searching for new ways to control excess weight gain. There are numerous diets, exercise routines, medications, and other treatments meant to curb obesity. However, new research shows that we may have … Read More

Often known as “lady fingers” in the Southern states, okra is a star-shaped vegetable that has a unique texture and taste. The outside feels firm and crisp; however, one bite of the vegetable brings a sensation of chewiness and goo. In fact, it is often used in soups as a thickening agent. However, it’s known … Read More

All cultures around the world use herbs in their cuisine, some more than others. Indian cuisine, for one, has some of the best uses for herbs that do wonders for enhancing flavors in their dishes. The benefits of herbs, however, go beyond just adding a spike in the taste; they have also been shown to help the brain. A … Read More

From liquid cleanses to calorie-counting, celebrities are known to advocate for a variety of diets. Recently, it seems as though the most popular trend is going gluten-free. Gluten is a protein composed of gliadin (a protein that helps bread dough rise while maintaining its shape) and glutenin (a protein present in all types of wheat flour). Both of these … Read More

Many of the everyday decisions we make, such as “What am I going to buy for my brother’s birthday?” or “Where am I going to eat today?” are heavily based off the retrieval of relevant memories. In the past, the neural and cognitive mechanisms behind these decision-making processes were not studied. Despite the lack of … Read More

From cash-strapped college students to struggling workers, we’ve all been in a similar situation. You’ve been busy taking care of your responsibilities and are looking forward to eating that wonderful loaf of bread that’s been sitting in the fridge for the past few days. But, lo and behold, you look into the fridge and find the first indisputable signs of … Read More

You and your friends are at the fair and decide to eat some tasty “fair food”, like pretzels, popcorn, fries, and chocolate covered bacon. Mmm, yum! The food is delicious, but it isn’t long before you feel thirsty. After eating all of that salty, yet oh-so-scrumptious food, it is no wonder you feel thirsty. After … Read More

Have you ever found yourself up late at night, craving a snack at an odd hour? You head to the refrigerator to grab a snack, but it seems like no matter how many bites you take, somehow you’re still hungry. What causes this spontaneous hunger that arises at the most unexpected time, and what causes it to persist? A … Read More

Have you ever tried a vanilla custard cream cheesecake? What about a chocolate mousse pie? Mushroom ravioli? A spinach dip? For many of us, simply reading the names of such delicious foods makes our mouths water. Eating well is one of the decadent pleasures life has to offer. However, for some, this is not the case. Imagine obsessively … Read More

One of the most “fashionable” things to do today is to go on dietary “cleanses” that promise to help you shed 20 pounds in just two weeks. Apart from the fact that these are dangerous, because they deprive your body of crucial nutrients and calories, they also lead to a slowing metabolism and long-term weight gain. … Read More

In the Spanish language, Yerba Buena means good herb. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, Yerba Buena is variant of spearmint native to the west coast of North America and more specifically the California coast. This herb is very aromatic, with both medicinal and culinary properties which make Yerba Buena a very versatile plant! Embed from Getty Images … Read More

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