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In recent years, the fight for transgender gender recognition and equality has been a core issue of the LGBT civil rights movement. This national discussion is important for the recognition of trans individuals and, ultimately, the removal of civil inequalities. Recent studies suggest that the marginalization of trans individuals leads to disproportionately high rates of certain diseases among the approximately 25 … Read More

Some people grow up or live in the same neighborhoods for decades, greeting the same faces and passing through familiar streets. For many in abandoned neighborhoods, that familiar location and the social network are what make it home, despite the lack of resources and poor living conditions. Gentrification disrupts that sense of community and becomes a … Read More

A new study conducted by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health indicates that in the US, 54.5 % of children and adolescents are dehydrated. This finding is particularly important because sufficient water intake helps maintain basic physiological functions including metabolism, temperature regulation, and circulation. Conversely, prolonged inadequate hydration can impair physical and cognitive function, … Read More

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