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As one gets older, the advantages of youth become clearer. Aging can be associated with many disadvantages such as having less energy, limited flexibility, and impaired cognition, among various other health issues. Although scientists have uncovered specific mechanisms for certain issues, a lot more research can still be done to understand why the elderly are more … Read More

The common cold is nothing to sneeze at. It leads to 3,000 to 49,000 US deaths a year and may be responsible for five to 20% of American’s sicknesses each year. It also has a broad presence; every child gets infected before their second birthday. Easily spread through coughs and sneezes, the virus will then infect lungs and airways, leading to … Read More

March 24, 1822 marks the day that Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) made its debut through Dr. Robert Koch. This type of bacteria typically affects the lungs, and most treatments include a mixture of drugs, including antibiotics. With approximately nine million people affected by the disease in 2013, there has been an ongoing effort to develop and explore new … Read More

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