The variety of ailments that can affect us today is a common medical concern, and consequently, so is the method of treatment for these illnesses. In the case of microbial infections, there can be further confusion about the type of medication prescribed for treatment – for example, when antibiotics should be used. An important criterion for distinguishing between medications for different … Read More

In East Asian countries such as Japan, China, and Korea, people have long worn surgical masks for protection from disease and air pollution. Recently, however, the use of surgical masks has become very popular worldwide in highly concentrated public settings such as airports, subways, and shopping malls. Notable surges in the use of masks follow … Read More

Influenza, more commonly known as the flu, is a contagious respiratory disease that can cause mild to severe symptoms. There currently is no effective treatment for the flu due to the virus’ ability to constantly mutate. Although the best way to prevent getting the flu is through vaccination, there is still a chance that you can contract … Read More

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