I was recently in a tea shop in New York, coughing up a storm. The man behind the counter recommended a particular tea set for me. There were three teas within the set, but his main selling point was that one of those teas contained valerian root—the potential key to sleeping soundly through the night. His … Read More

You’re likely aware of the importance of sleep and how lack of sleep negatively affects your health. But do you know how to maximize the amount of sleep you get? Some simple tips include following a specific sleep schedule, limiting light exposure before sleep, and staying relaxed and stress-free. Such strategies may be effective most … Read More

The use of lavender as a remedy dates back nearly 2,500 years. The ancient Greeks used it as a cure for nearly everything from insomnia to insanity. Today, lavender is popularly used in the aromatherapy industry. Best known as a natural sedative, lavender’s most prominent strength is its ability to calm the nervous system. These calming … Read More

Tick tock. “1:59 AM.” Tick tock. “2:00 AM.” You find yourself tossing around in bed, wishing that you could simply drift off to that blissful world of sleep. Embed from Getty Images  Sleep can be a problem for some individuals. Many of us have probably, at some point, suffered from insomnia and have had to … Read More

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