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Every year, fresh faces entering medical school partake in the centuries-old rite of passage of dissecting human flesh. It is a tradition that, to some, marks the beginning of their life in healthcare, and to others, the point from which medical desensitization starts to take hold. On her first day of gross anatomy, Shara Yurkiewicz, a first-year medical … Read More

This post is part of Morning Sign Out’s Premed Advising series. To read the rest of the series, start here! Authors: Cindy Hoang-Tran, Florence Yuan Original authors: Andrew Lee, Keng Lam MD/PhD Programs Keng: MD/PhD programs are for people who want to have a research-focused career and already have a strong research background – many … Read More

There is no chapter in medical school textbooks that prepares students for delivering bad news or coping with death. Thus, it’s not a surprise that experiencing the death of a patient for the first time can be a very emotionally charged event in the lives of medical students. It can usher in a variety of emotions ranging … Read More

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