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Marijuana often evokes images of euphoria and relaxed lethargy. Some of the earliest human cultures ingested and smoked the leaves of the plant, and its consumption has persisted in modern society. Although it’s most commonly used as a recreational drug, marijuana also has important medicinal, religious, and spiritual applications. To some, it’s an important clinical substance that functions as … Read More

In our progressive society, the prevalence of mental illness is receiving more and more attention. Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) is a relatively new form of non-invasive brain electrotherapy that has been slowly gaining favor as a potential treatment for psychiatric disorders. Much like other forms of electrotherapy, CES applies a weak electrical current across a person’s … Read More

In an earlier article, we discussed schizophrenia, a commonly misunderstood disease with negative connotations being placed on it due to various fallacies–so let’s get the facts straight. Impacting nearly 1% of the total human population, schizophrenia is a devastating mental illness that originates from impaired brain development that eventually leads to imbalanced signaling in the … Read More

When we think about mental illness, one of the first conditions that comes to mind is schizophrenia. Strictly defined, schizophrenia is a chronic, severe, and disabling brain disorder where patients hear voices others do not. Understandably, this is terrifying for the patients since they commonly believe that these voices are attempting to dictate their thoughts. However, … Read More

Bipolar disorder is a severe mental illness that is characterized by extreme mood swings. Also referred to as manic depression, bipolar disorder tends to be a chronic illness and requires the attention of a health professional. Exact causes of bipolar disorder have yet to be determined; however, genetics is believed to play a role. In … Read More

Unlike the majority of mental illnesses discussed in this series, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) primarily affects children. Fortunately, ADHD is very manageable with proper treatment and should not adversely impact the progression of a happy and healthy life. The exact causes of ADHD have not yet been pinpointed; however, genetics and environmental factors are believed … Read More

In my last article, I highlighted the general facets of the mental illness schizophrenia, including risk, symptoms, and behaviors. This week, I will delve deeper into potential causes of this disorder as well as the plethora of treatment options available for patients. As mentioned in part one, the direct causes of schizophrenia have yet to be … Read More

It is not uncommon to hear people describe themselves as “OCD”. Perhaps they clean their room often or organize rainbow candy by color before eating it. Although these behaviors are somewhat ritualistic in nature, they drastically downplay the symptoms of the mental illness known as OCD, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Obsessive-compulsive disorder typically involves persistent, irrational … Read More

Of all the mental illnesses known to man, schizophrenia is often considered the most severe. Given the complex nature of the disorder, discussion of schizophrenia will be divided into two articles. This first one will provide a general overview and the second, to be published at a later date, will delve into more specific detail. Schizophrenia is … Read More

It was only very recently that issues surrounding mental health began to inch their way into the spotlight. Nowadays, an individual’s overall well-being is no longer solely based on the physical condition; one’s psychological health must also be considered. However, given the ongoing investigation into the deepest recesses of the human mind, many individuals remain … Read More

Imagine walking down a dimly lit hallway at night or a pitch black alleyway. You feel what you think are eyes upon your back, and you hear muffled noises coming from behind you. In a situation like this, what do most people feel? Yes, there is probably fear, but there is also the sensation that an outside being is present, … Read More

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