Which is smarter–a computer, or one’s brain? Though most people may be compelled to say that a human brain would win in a toss-up, there are some aspects in which the brain falls short. For instance, humans don’t quite measure up in reaction time. While computers can make complex decisions in a thousandth of a second, humans find themselves … Read More

As anyone who follows collegiate or professional football can attest to, concussions, one of the primary variants of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), are extremely dangerous, as these injuries have both immediate effects and potential long-term effects that include depression and persistent head pain. As a result, the NFL has invested millions of dollars in concussion … Read More

One of the deadliest and most scientifically frustrating ailments today is traumatic brain injury, or TBI. Anyone who follows the NFL knows how much money and effort has been invested into studying these injuries and their impact. Dr. Ye Xiong, a researcher at the Henry Ford Hospital, believes that focusing on the brain’s protection and … Read More

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