We take another break from your regularly scheduled ENT Weekly to bring you another special from the island country of Taiwan. This time we look at private pay healthcare, focusing on cosmetic medicine. After my experiences with primary care, I wanted to experience a totally different aspect of medicine, looking this time into the tantalizing world … Read More

For someone with Alzheimer’s disease, it might start with repeatedly misplacing house keys and forgetting the dog’s name. Then, it might easily become wandering off and getting lost, or even, forgetting key life events. Within as little as four years after diagnosis, people with Alzheimer’s, a form of dementia, can die of the disease. Dementia … Read More

When people hear about bionics, they likely picture a man in a futuristic suit of robotic gear (iron man?). To be more technical, however, bionics can be defined as technology that models functions performed by living things in nature. Recent bionic developments have generated excitement and interest in the limitless applications of this particular type of technology. A … Read More

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