Let’s get down to business! You clicked on this article because you didn’t know that seaweed was such a healthy food option. Or maybe you do know it’s good for you, but you’re not sure exactly what benefits it could possibly offer for our bodies. Whichever the case, you’re about to find out why. The main thing … Read More

For as long as I can remember, my family has always had a kumquat tree growing in the front yard. However, I never knew just how powerful those little fruits are! For those who don’t know, kumquats are winter-spring seasonal citrus fruits, and though they look and taste like any other citrus fruit, they’re unique … Read More

One of the most common supplements for weightlifters is protein powder. Protein powder is extremely popular and touted for its ability to help muscles recover from the stress of a hard workout. Unfortunately, many people who buy protein powder do not reap its full benefits because they do not know how to properly take this … Read More

During major holidays, most of us usually tend to do two things: have a wonderful time with friends and family (something to look forward to) and potentially put on a few pounds due to the increased sugar in our diets (something to not look forward to). It seems, however, that the food we eat is getting sweeter as each year … Read More

For those who have resolved to adopt a healthier lifestyle and be fitter for this new year, congratulations! You’ve just taken on a yearlong goal, and the next few months will not be easy. You’ll find as you’re undergoing a new diet or developing an exercise routine that it’s very tempting to skip a few … Read More

A lot of people like to snack. Whether we choose to munch on flavored potato chips or apple slices dipped in caramel, people use snacks as an in-between mini meal to satiate their hunger. In America, a little over 30% of consumed empty calories per day come from snacks, and the average American consumes 2.35 snacks a … Read More

Trans fats. You may have seen this term on the news, while surfing the web, or perhaps even on food packaging. Given the current rates of obesity and heart disease plaguing the United States, health professionals are zeroing in on the dangers of trans fats. What are these substances, you may be wondering, and why … Read More

Canned fish has a reputation for its low prices and long shelf life that one usually can’t find in fresh fish; however, does it hold its own against its fresh counterparts in terms of nutrition? The answer is yes. Many people may feel skeptical about canned fish for many reasons; they might believe that low prices correlate with low quality, or that its taste doesn’t compare to that … Read More

The more you eat, the more full you feel. That’s usually how life works, isn’t it? However, that just isn’t the case with fructose. A recent study shows that consuming high levels of fructose may actually increase your cravings for high-calorie foods. When compared to participants who consumed a drink filled with glucose, participants who consumed fructose drinks were more … Read More

Maple syrup, a longtime favorite condiment, is now being considered for more than just its delicious taste. Canadian researchers led by chemical engineer Nathalie Tufenkji at McGill University, Montreal, have revealed a new use for the classic breakfast topping: helping make bacteria more susceptible to antibiotics. First, the scientists extracted a certain type of aromatic organic … Read More

There’s a rumor floating around here. Have you heard of it yet? The secret has been around forever! However, it’s high time to spill the beans. Oh wait, that is the secret! Beans! You know them; you’ve seen the little tiny legumes in your garden, in the grocery store, or on your dinner plate. You eat … Read More

People grow up hearing that peanuts are high in fat and can cause considerable weight gain if eaten regularly. However, choosing to leave peanuts out of one’s diet solely for this reason may be just plain nuts. Peanuts and other nuts provide nutritional benefits and promote longer, healthier lives. Despite common misconceptions about them, peanuts may actually be the super … Read More

An international research team led by Professor Charles Bourque at McGill University in Montreal, Canada has found that in mice, excess consumption of salt results in the brain’s ‘reprogramming.’ Normally, there is a safety mechanism that keeps arterial blood pressure from rising, but salt (or, more specifically, sodium) puts individuals at higher risk for high blood … Read More

Omega-3 fatty acids do wonders for the body. Typically found in fish oil, they can be obtained from eating fish or taking supplements. Because of their ability to lower blood pressure and triglyceride levels (cholesterol fats), omega-3s play a role in reducing cardiovascular disease and stroke risk. Furthermore, studies have shown that fish oil supplements have … Read More

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