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Our lives have a starting point and an ending point. In other words, mortality is the basis of our evolutionary biology. Just as life plays an integral role in reproduction, so does death. Imagine a world with immortal beings; the hypothetical consequences of this would be an increased fertility rate and an overcrowded environment, leading … Read More

Depression is one of the most common and important mood disorders found in the primary care setting. Many times, it is a result of accumulated stress over a long period and is, unfortunately, often difficult to diagnose. Because high levels of stress can also cause a multitude of other malicious symptoms, depression can be masked by quite a … Read More

Antibiotics are a staple in the healthcare system; they are effective drugs that kill bacteria and stop them from multiplying. Antibiotics heal many common illnesses such as bladder infections, sexually transmitted diseases, boils, and ear infections. They cannot, however, cure viral diseases such as the cold or flu. Unfortunately, this standard medication is often misused by both healthcare … Read More

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