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In “First World” countries, adults spend the majority of their waking hours in sitting position. From driving to work in a car to eating lunch at a table, a huge portion of one’s day is spent sitting down in some form of a chair. Although sitting itself seems like a harmless action, sitting for prolonged period of time … Read More

School and work may have you resigned to a sedentary position for several hours each day. Furthermore, many other daily activities involve sitting, such as eating meals, watching television, or spending time on the computer. You are not alone. Researchers estimate that on average, Americans spend about half of their life in a seated position. … Read More

Sitting can drastically cut off years of your life. You could say that sitting “kills” you if pretty much all you’re doing is being a couch potato or working at a desk all day. More and more people are having sedentary lifestyles over time. Even children are affected. As technology has become more readily available, kids have … Read More

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