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Two years ago, I met someone with a condition called dystonia. Even as someone with a science background, I had never heard of the disorder—in fact, I would not have noticed his illness without being told since the symptoms of dystonia are mostly controlled by medication. Because so much about the human brain has yet … Read More

At this point, I’m sure you have heard of the Rio Olympics and Usain Bolt. Usain, often nicknamed “Lightning Bolt” and widely considered the fastest man to have ever lived, has had tremendous success at the Olympics. What’s often forgotten is that Bolt had a Grade 1 hamstring strain just about a month before the Olympics started. However, he recovered … Read More

Have you ever noticed the huge biceps of Superman, Mike Tyson, or Dwayne Johnson? In all three cases, except for maybe Superman, these people were not born with these huge biceps – they had to hit up the gym in order to gain their big guns. This goal is very popular among young adults, but it also comes with the chance of injury. … Read More

Imagine for a second, if all of a sudden, you weren’t able to brush your teeth in the morning, or maybe you struggled to lift your bowl of cereal to your mouth. It’s these everyday activities, which we take for granted, that are compromised with an injury to the shoulder. More specifically, a rotator cuff tear will weaken … Read More

Have you ever played football, soccer, or tennis before? Have you ever twisted or turned quickly and felt pain in the groin area? If you’ve answered yes to one of these questions, then listen up because sports hernia could affect you. Sports hernia, also known as athletic pubalgia or hockey hernia, is a strain or tear of … Read More

Femur fractures are very prevalent today, especially during car accidents. For example, recently on the news, a young man named Wesley Brown was fleeing from Florida police and crashed his stolen car into another car. As a result, Brown suffered a broken femur or thighbone. This type of injury is more specifically called a femoral shaft … Read More

If you’re an athlete or you watch sports, you may have heard the common phrase, “tearing your ACL”. It may bring up painful memories if you’ve experienced it firsthand, or if it happened to your favorite football player. However, tearing an ACL is not the end to a sports career. Let’s first delve into what an … Read More

Ever feel back pain during the middle of the day? Ever lift something heavy and feel a tweak in your back? Are you in your fifties? Well, it’s possible that you may have a herniated disc! No fear, we have your back when it comes to understanding and preventing herniated discs. A herniated disc occurs when your spinal … Read More

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