It’s pretty much common understanding these days that when it comes to politics, the general public is a tough nut to crack. This is especially relevant today with President Donald Trump’s recent win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, changing the White House from blue back to red for the first time in eight years. The … Read More

While modern society has attributed many social implications to crying, from the perspective of science, it is as natural as any other human bodily function. Tears are most often associated with an emotional response, but consider this: the system that makes you cry while watching a sad movie is the same one that causes your … Read More

Living in the material world, one cannot help indulging in a few material things.  Especially when shopping around for that perfect gift, it’s always hard to resist making a few more purchases since the temptation to buy is so strong. However, does shopping in this way bring only false pleasure, and should one curb the … Read More

Animals are born with many natural instincts and reflexes. Yet, we as humans possess a unique ability that is “trust”. We have faith in whom we trust, and we place our confidence accordingly. This ability is a key part of being a human, and it is essential to our physical and mental well-being to have someone … Read More

Altruism, the practice of selfless behavior, is heavily applauded by our society. We often see acts of kindness and charity brought to light in the media and news. Although we can all relate to the feeling of satisfaction that comes after a good deed, most people might not know that performing altruistic acts may improve our psychological well-being. Psychiatry … Read More

Willie Nelson once said, “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” We often hear that we should start thinking positively in order to get positive outcomes, but did you know that optimistic thinking can also affect your health? Research has found that negative thinking can harm your health, while … Read More

An individual’s childhood is greatly affected by the parenting style that he or she grew up with. Whether you grew up with lenient parents or strict ones, the way your parents interacted with you has great effects that can linger into late adulthood, according to a study by British researchers. A lifelong study by University College London (UCL) … Read More

As humans, one of our greatest gifts is our ability to consciously make decisions; it’s what separates us from other animals. However, we don’t always realize that our decision-making ability may be flawed. According to research recently conducted by the University of Cambridge, our decisions may be highly influenced by recent events, to the point that … Read More

Imagine this: you’re sitting at the table, getting ready to eat, and someone places a plate of something in front of you. This could be anything–asparagus, broccoli, or even Brussels sprouts. Either way, you scrunch up your nose because, whatever this thing is, it is definitely not your favorite food in the world, but you … Read More

Do you constantly replay or obsess over negative situations? This disposition, known to the world of psychology as rumination, can feel like a broken record. Even in a day that is filled with accomplishments and positive events, people with this disposition will hyperfocus on one negative event of the day, such as getting yelled at … Read More

Often times while studying students find themselves staring at the same sentence for minutes on end. Although many of these students lament their inability to focus, researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have uncovered an interesting twist to this dilemma: the right type of mental rest can actually boost learning. But what is … Read More

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