The discovery of antibiotics has been revolutionary in terms of our ability to treat bacterial infections; however, not long after the initial discovery of antibiotics, some flaws became apparent. After a while, antibiotics were no longer working against infections that they were once successful in dealing with, a phenomenon known as antibiotic resistance. This can be explained, … Read More

Many are born with it, some develop it as they grow up, and a lucky few are just naturally immune to it; however, regardless of the random nature of genetic inheritance, one thing is universally true about motion sickness: nobody wants it. Motion sickness occurs when your body’s motion-detecting parts, namely your eyes and inner ear, send … Read More

Antibiotics occupy our vernacular in modern medicine. That being said, they are by no means the cure-all that they are often advertised to be. In fact, while they can be extremely effective in certain cases, there is growing evidence of very negative effects when they are used inappropriately. Understanding and knowing when to use antibiotics is useful … Read More

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