At this point, I’m sure you have heard of the Rio Olympics and Usain Bolt. Usain, often nicknamed “Lightning Bolt” and widely considered the fastest man to have ever lived, has had tremendous success at the Olympics. What’s often forgotten is that Bolt had a Grade 1 hamstring strain just about a month before the Olympics started. However, he recovered … Read More

Did you know that ankle sprains are so common that 25,000 people experience it every day? It’s likely you’ve experienced one before; I know I have. I vividly remember being unable to put my full weight on my ankle, struggling to put my shoes on, wrapping ice around it, and limping around for a few … Read More

Did you know that the name “turf toe” originates from athletes playing on artificial turf? And did you know that 16 of the 31 National Football League stadiums use artificial turf as opposed to natural grass? What’s the relation? Well, turf toe is important to understand, especially for athletes, because it’s most prevalent in sports like American … Read More

“Chocolate is my Achilles’ heel. What’s your weakness?” The phrase “Achilles’ heel” is often used figuratively, but in the literal sense, it also applies to your body. If you’re an avid sports fan, then you’ve probably heard of the recent Achilles tendon injuries to Kobe Bryant and Steve Smith Sr., basketball and football players respectively. An Achilles injury … Read More

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