We live in a generation plagued by the disease of busy-ness. Constantly occupied with hectic schedules and grocery lists of tasks to accomplish, it’s no wonder that our generation suffers from high stress, insomnia, and anxiety. In Germany, one out of every five people take a sedative at least once a year. While that might … Read More

Your Adam’s apple is likely to be the first thing you notice when you touch your neck. Located below your Adam’s apple is your thyroid gland; if you can’t feel it, don’t freak out because that’s normal. However, if you can feel it, you may want to consider going to a doctor to determine if you have thyroid … Read More

Everyone loves nice smells. Many businesses take advantage of this simple fact and use our love of aromas as a marketing tool by pumping scents into the air to draw customers into stores. However, scents can do more than just spark our appetites. Studies show that essential oils (aroma-producing oils) used in the form of aromatherapy may have positive effects on … Read More

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