A potential new tool in the ongoing fight against Ebola has been developed by researchers at Harvard, and it fits on a piece of paper. Dr. James Collins, who led one of the teams involved in designing the system, described it as an “in vitro, sterile, abiotic operating system upon which we can rationally design … Read More

On June 30, 2015, Bill SB277, which limits people’s ability to opt out of vaccines, was approved and signed into state law by California Governor Jerry Brown. In response to the large measles outbreak in December, a situation linked to low immunization rates, the law requires mandatory vaccinations for children prior to starting school and prevents … Read More

In recent times, a movement against vaccinations has slowly developed. Parents argue that vaccines cause severe side effects and potentially autism spectrum disorders. However, the scientific community defends vaccines since no concrete studies back the claims of the critics. In addition, rejecting vaccines result in dangerous consequences. One particular disease that all adolescents should be vaccinated against is meningococcal disease. … Read More

Modern day medicine has created vaccines for many common illnesses. A couple of vaccine shots is all that is required to be safe from the most prevalent and dangerous sicknesses for a long time. Even with the scientifically backed efficacy of these vaccines, however, many low and middle class families refuse to get vaccinated due to costs. New research … Read More

Life in the 21st century is different from what it once was. Most of us live in contemporary homes in cozy suburban neighborhoods or stacked cities surrounded by modern technology such as the Internet, TVs or automobiles. The only plants we really see are the trees that line our neighborhoods. Only a small fraction of … Read More

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), the virus that causes AIDS, is a difficult disease to treat; researchers have spent over three decades trying to create a vaccine. Developing a vaccine for HIV is complicated because the unique marker on the surface of HIV, called “Env“, rapidly mutates and is covered by a protective layer of sugar molecules, making it … Read More

In a fortunate accident, researchers who were trying to develop a vaccine against malaria for pregnant women discovered a potential weapon against cancer. The scientists, from the University of Copenhagen and the University of British Columbia, realized that the carbohydrate that malaria parasites attach to in the placenta is identical to a carbohydrate found in cancer cells. The researchers recreated … Read More

It would be impossible to have made it through the last year without hearing about the dangers of Ebola. Luckily, a battle against one of the scariest diseases in the 21st century was won! An Ebola vaccine has recently been created that effectively prevents the Zaire strain (ZEBOV) of Ebola. There are currently five identified … Read More

Did you know that pneumonia kills more people than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined? Did you know that breastfeeding a child during their the six months can help prevent pneumonia? So, what exactly is pneumonia? It’s an infection that causes inflammation of the air sacs in one or both of the lungs. The air sacs may then fill up with fluid … Read More

We’ve all been there: sitting in the waiting room, heart pounding, waiting for your name to be called. From small children to mature adults, no one enjoys being vaccinated against the flu. More broadly referred to as aichmophobia, needle-phobia makes many of us dread those trips to the doctor’s office. However, since 2003 an alternative has been … Read More

A study by a research team including Adrian Egli from the University of Basel in Switzerland found that a variant in a gene called IL-28B may influence the effectiveness of the flu vaccine. Usually, the flu results in mild symptoms such as nausea, cough, fever, and stuffy nose. However, in some, the condition can lead to serious … Read More

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