Have you ever noticed the huge biceps of Superman, Mike Tyson, or Dwayne Johnson? In all three cases, except for maybe Superman, these people were not born with these huge biceps – they had to hit up the gym in order to gain their big guns. This goal is very popular among young adults, but it also comes with the chance of injury. … Read More

When summer comes along, people instantly head to the gym in order to obtain that fantastic summer body. The moment they walk into the gym, a flurry of individuals can be seen on treadmills and cardio machines. Even though cardiovascular exercise is very beneficial to endurance and heart health, many people glance over another asset that really helps … Read More

One of the most common supplements for weightlifters is protein powder. Protein powder is extremely popular and touted for its ability to help muscles recover from the stress of a hard workout. Unfortunately, many people who buy protein powder do not reap its full benefits because they do not know how to properly take this … Read More

“Want to burn fat?” Whenever people hear those words, they think of long periods of cardiovascular exercise (cardio). However, for many people, they dread this style of exercise because it is very time-consuming and can get boring because of the repetitive motions often associated with cardio. If you are looking to burn fat while minimizing your … Read More

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