If there are 50 shades of grey anywhere, it is probably in Mr. Grey’s dental X-rays (given the amount of coffee he consumes). The shades of dental X-rays may bring different sentiments other than love, such as denial, dread, confusion, relief, or even, curiosity. After all,  X-rays capture what we cannot see. Embed from Getty Images  X-ray films Image Source: Andresr … Read More

Imagine for a second, if all of a sudden, you weren’t able to brush your teeth in the morning, or maybe you struggled to lift your bowl of cereal to your mouth. It’s these everyday activities, which we take for granted, that are compromised with an injury to the shoulder. More specifically, a rotator cuff tear will weaken … Read More

Did you know that ankle sprains are so common that 25,000 people experience it every day? It’s likely you’ve experienced one before; I know I have. I vividly remember being unable to put my full weight on my ankle, struggling to put my shoes on, wrapping ice around it, and limping around for a few … Read More

Scoliosis is typically defined as a sideways curvature of the spine. It is most commonly present in pre-pubescent children who are about to undergo a growth spurt. The average diagnosis of scoliosis is mild and requires only monitoring, but a certain few cases can result in future complications such as lung damage and severe physical … Read More

Picture this. A man walks down a narrow path, pushing an empty stroller while his daughter scampers slightly ahead, eager for playtime in the afternoon sun. That’s when he sees it—a slight but noticeable limp in her step. Instantly, his mind begins to race, searching for something, anything, that could explain what he has just witnessed. That child was me, many years ago, constantly worrying … Read More

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