Summertime usually means time to cool off at the beach or the pool. But after a relaxing day in the water, make sure to dry off and bring a change of clean clothes lest your fun in the sun turns into some summertime sadness. A combination of the chlorinated water in swimming pools, the tighter, less breathable … Read More

Prions are misfolded proteins that cause other proteins to refold into diseased states. In its native state, the prion protein is found in healthy cells, especially of the brain. If a misfolded prion comes into contact with a native state prion, it will cause the native state prion to refold into the misfolded state, forming … Read More

“Watch what you eat.” How many times have you heard that before? It’s common knowledge that unhealthy eating habits can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease. But is that it? Unfortunately, it appears that what we eat may also have an effect on our genes, or, more specifically, … Read More

It’s a stain remover, hair conditioner, fertilizer, face mask, and much more. However, most people know this substance as a beverage: beer. In 2011, the United States consumed a total 6.3 billion gallons of beer. We may like to drink our beer, but as it turns out, Europeans have discovered a new way to use this popular alcoholic … Read More

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