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Do you ever wonder what the best foods are to eat for good health? Look no further than the super food spinach. How else was Popeye able to grow so strong? Packed with micronutrients and low in calories, spinach can be added to any meal. Due to the high vitamin count, spinach is a food that can be prepared into almost any meal to add an extra health kick.

Whether eaten raw or cooked, spinach will always pack a ton of nutrients that help our health immensely.

Image Source: istetiana

The sheer amount of micronutrients and vitamins in spinach is enough to make it a super food. These micronutrients have the possibility of reducing risk of cancer, lowering high blood pressure, and managing diabetes. Spinach is especially dense in Vitamin A and K. Vitamin A plays a huge role in proper eyesight and immune system function. In addition, the large amounts of Vitamin K help with longevity. Vitamin K plays a unique role in your body: it prevents uncontrollable bleeding with blood clots and assists in bone health, making sure that bones last longer and remain strong. As stated previously, these are only a few of the many vitamins in spinach, and all of them are essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Spinach is also extremely low in calories. One cup of raw spinach has a mere 7 calories per cup, with essentially no fat. It is actually quite unbelievable how something with so few calories boasts such a high amount of antioxidants and micronutrients. What this means, however, is that spinach is a food that you can wholeheartedly eat your fill of. To put it in retrospect, a snickers bar has 236 calories, meaning that you would have to eat almost 34 cups of spinach to match it!

Try incorporating spinach in innovative ways such as as in salads with other delicious ingredients!

Image Source: galyaivanova

Even though spinach does boast all the qualities of a super food, most people shy away from it due to the taste. However, there are so many ways to make spinach a part of appetizing meals that people are unaware of. Personally, I really enjoy putting spinach into my egg white omelets, allowing for the spinach to cook, which also has numerous health benefits, and the taste is amazing with seasonings and hot sauce. Another way to fit a large amount of spinach into your diet is by simply throwing it into a smoothie. Add your favorite frozen fruits, optional protein powder, water or milk, a nice serving of spinach, and you have a green smoothie that contains amazing nutritional content. There are many spinach recipes out there, and they can all be taken advantage of to make spinach a prominent part of anyone’s diet.

Feature Image Source: spinach by Amber Karnes

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