Itzel Romero


Itzel Romero is a third year neuroscience major at UCLA. In growing up amid low-income communities, she heavily advocates for social rights of workers, students, and community members. She considers commitment to service a big part of her lifestyle, and enjoys volunteering.

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Previously, many thought the idea of robots ever becoming anything other than animated movie characters like that of iRobot, Ex Machina, Her, and Robocop was mind-blowing and relatively far away. Today, the fields of biotechnology, robotics, and artificial intelligence are progressively sky-rocketing in their advances. The reason why there has been so much improvement in these … Read More

Depression is one of the most common and important mood disorders found in the primary care setting. Many times, it is a result of accumulated stress over a long period and is, unfortunately, often difficult to diagnose. Because high levels of stress can also cause a multitude of other malicious symptoms, depression can be masked by quite a … Read More

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