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Paul Patel is a 1st year student at University of California Los Angeles and is majoring in Psychobiology. He intends on attending medical school after his undergraduate years are over and hopes for a job in the medical field.

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Ever hear that faint buzzing sound or see a brown speck on the floor? Chances are a bug has snuck into your home from the outside. The most common ones seen in a household are bees, houseflies, ticks, mosquitos, and cockroaches, and all of them can deteriorate your health if not handled quickly. When dealing with pests, … Read More

In life, we always strive to become the best possible person we can be. Whether it be getting an A on the next test, becoming more fit during the summer, or simply reaching a certain quota for the day, goals drive us along the process. The textbook definition of “goal” is an object of a person’s … Read More

When summer comes along, people instantly head to the gym in order to obtain that fantastic summer body. The moment they walk into the gym, a flurry of individuals can be seen on treadmills and cardio machines. Even though cardiovascular exercise is very beneficial to endurance and heart health, many people glance over another asset that really helps … Read More

Basketball has always been an entertaining sport throughout the years, and it is also an outstanding form of exercise. Players from the NBA are some of the fittest people on the planet, and playing basketball consistently maintains their toned bodies and incredible athleticism. As shown by these professionals, basketball helps with cardiovascular health, strength, and even mental health … Read More

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