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We live in a generation plagued by the disease of busy-ness. Constantly occupied with hectic schedules and grocery lists of tasks to accomplish, it’s no wonder that our generation suffers from high stress, insomnia, and anxiety. In Germany, one out of every five people take a sedative at least once a year. While that might … Read More

The “five-second rule” is the popular notion that food dropped on the floor is considered safe to eat if picked up within five seconds. The logic behind this rule is that bacteria need time to transfer to the food. Although most adults (hopefully) refrain from eating off the floor, whether or not they believe in this rule, … Read More

As many people know, obesity is a widespread medical condition characterized by excess accumulation of body fat. Being obese means that you have an increased risk of hypertension, diabetes, poor blood fat profile, and heart muscle disease; all of which contribute to an increased risk for a heart attack and subsequent heart failure. Although the body mass … Read More

From improving vision and memory to delaying aging, to warding off cancer and lowering risk of heart disease, blueberries are considered a super fruit for their long list of benefits. What makes blueberries so good are the Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Manganese, phytonutrients, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium, and Zinc found within them. These compounds not only strengthen your bones and … Read More

The human eye is able to create vision when incoming light rays are refracted, or bent, as they pass through the cornea and lens. These refracted light rays come together on the retina, where they are translated into messages sent through the optic nerve to the brain to be interpreted into images. Individuals who have myopia, also … Read More

Along with the pain and joys of pregnancy comes the strange phenomenon of pregnancy cravings. Although there are hypotheses posed as to why pregnant women experience this condition, it remains a mystery as to why some women undergo these cravings while other women do not. Moreover, some women, rather than desiring a specific food, experience feelings of aversion to certain types of … Read More

In “First World” countries, adults spend the majority of their waking hours in sitting position. From driving to work in a car to eating lunch at a table, a huge portion of one’s day is spent sitting down in some form of a chair. Although sitting itself seems like a harmless action, sitting for prolonged period of time … Read More

The development of contact lenses has revolutionized the way vision is corrected for those suffering from imperfect eyesight, so much so that there are about 41 million contact lens users in the United States. Although using contact lenses requires minimal effort, precautions should be taken because they do pose health risks to the eye when misused. … Read More

A concussion is the least serious, but most common, type of traumatic brain injury. Symptoms of brain concussions can include headaches, disturbed vision, memory loss, trouble with balance and coordination, problems with concentration, and even loss of consciousness. Although a concussion is usually temporary and a full recovery is more than possible, the Canadian Medical Association … Read More

The human body, unfortunately, releases unfavorable bodily smells every single day. Whether it’s from our mouths (mouth breath) or from our feet (foot odor), body odor is a very natural part of our lives, but thankfully, there are many products that serve to mask or remove these natural smells available for purchase. Embed from Getty Images  An aerosol … Read More

Have you ever felt as if your heart was going to shatter into a million pieces or if your heart was being ripped out of your chest after a breakup, loss of a loved one, or from hearing some traumatic news? The pain and muscle tightness experienced in our chests after a stressful event are results of a … Read More

Watching TV for hours and hours has become so prevalent that we now have a variety of words to describe the activity. “Binge-watching,” “marathon-viewing,” and “Netflixing” all describe the act of watching TV for a long period of time, whether it be finishing a whole season of a TV series or watching multiple episodes of different shows … Read More

Altruism, the practice of selfless behavior, is heavily applauded by our society. We often see acts of kindness and charity brought to light in the media and news. Although we can all relate to the feeling of satisfaction that comes after a good deed, most people might not know that performing altruistic acts may improve our psychological well-being. Psychiatry … Read More

A lot of people like to snack. Whether we choose to munch on flavored potato chips or apple slices dipped in caramel, people use snacks as an in-between mini meal to satiate their hunger. In America, a little over 30% of consumed empty calories per day come from snacks, and the average American consumes 2.35 snacks a … Read More

We live in a very busy world where we all go about doing our own things, trying to accomplish tasks from our never-ending checklists and running around like mad men trying to meet deadlines. It seems as though the 24 hours a day and 365 days a year we are given are too short and … Read More

Over the past years, there has been a rise in the popularity and diversity of nutrition bars sold in local markets. From energy bars to protein bars, and even bars specially made for women, people now have a plethora of options to choose from. Whether it’s for an easy snack on the go or a … Read More

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