The “five-second rule” is the popular notion that food dropped on the floor is considered safe to eat if picked up within five seconds. The logic behind this rule is that bacteria need time to transfer to the food. Although most adults (hopefully) refrain from eating off the floor, whether or not they believe in this rule, … Read More

Basketball has always been an entertaining sport throughout the years, and it is also an outstanding form of exercise. Players from the NBA are some of the fittest people on the planet, and playing basketball consistently maintains their toned bodies and incredible athleticism. As shown by these professionals, basketball helps with cardiovascular health, strength, and even mental health … Read More

When it comes to the average case of acne, knowledge of how to subdue these pesky breakouts is fairly common—use a medicated facial cleanser, apply a cream, ask your dermatologist about oral antibiotics, and above all, don’t pick at your face! However, despite being nearly as prevalent, information about back and body acne often escapes discussion, … Read More

Summertime usually means time to cool off at the beach or the pool. But after a relaxing day in the water, make sure to dry off and bring a change of clean clothes lest your fun in the sun turns into some summertime sadness. A combination of the chlorinated water in swimming pools, the tighter, less breathable … Read More

Exercise is always a good thing. It has numerous benefits for both our physical health, such as reducing our risks for many diseases, and our mental health, such as helping to maintain positive self-esteem. However, whereas some people have a natural rapport with exercise, others are mortal enemies with it. Studies now suggest that our like or … Read More

FAQ on that foul smell, hey! Halitosis. That is the medical term for bad breath. Most of us at one time or another have quite literally zipped our mouth shut because of that foul smell that even we ourselves cannot stand. How can the mouth, the organ that keeps us alive and that we associate with … Read More

If there are 50 shades of grey anywhere, it is probably in Mr. Grey’s dental X-rays (given the amount of coffee he consumes). The shades of dental X-rays may bring different sentiments other than love, such as denial, dread, confusion, relief, or even, curiosity. After all,  X-rays capture what we cannot see. Embed from Getty Images  X-ray films Image Source: Andresr … Read More

A new nasal cell study by Dr. Sabra Klein and her team from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, discovered that various forms of estrogen reduced the flu virus in women, but not in men. Klein and her team tested the effects of estrogen on the influenza A virus, which commonly affects many during flu season. … Read More

There’s something dangerous lurking in that cookie—something potentially more dangerous than the seven grams of fat or four grams of sugar. Researchers at the University of Georgia’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences recently found that pathogens like salmonella can survive for six months in cookies and crackers. Embed from Getty Images  Certain kinds of … Read More

Let’s get down to business! You clicked on this article because you didn’t know that seaweed was such a healthy food option. Or maybe you do know it’s good for you, but you’re not sure exactly what benefits it could possibly offer for our bodies. Whichever the case, you’re about to find out why. The main thing … Read More

For those who choose to participate, it is a way of life, and for those who don’t, it appears to be a mere distraction. In either case, one cannot deny the powerful and alluring force that is social media and its effect on everyday life. Why? There must be something more profound to social media than flashy filters and celebrity tweets. … Read More

What’s Lyme disease, you say? If you’re like me, the first thought that probably comes to mind is a disease you contract from eating limes. If you believe that, your brain may truly be turning sour. But all jokes aside, Lyme disease can be serious if left untreated. Lyme disease is caused by a species of bacteria called Borrelia … Read More

Appendicitis. It’s a diagnosis familiar to many, often heard after a loved one becomes hospitalized. Less common, however, is an understanding of what this condition—and the region of the body it affects—truly entails. Appendicitis is fairly common, affecting roughly one in 15 Americans at some point in their lives. It stems from inflammation of the … Read More

With baseball season now in full swing from April to October, the injury “baseball finger,” or more formally known as mallet finger, is now as relevant as ever. “Baseball finger” originates from the injury caused when an object, like a baseball, awkwardly hits the tip of a finger and bends it back beyond its natural limit. However, this … Read More

As important as family is to many of us, friends are of equal caliber. Your family is there from the beginning, whereas friends enter our lives later and in certain cases, quickly become our second family – and for a good cause. Studies have shown that having your best pals around you can actually improve your health … Read More

In recent times, a movement against vaccinations has slowly developed. Parents argue that vaccines cause severe side effects and potentially autism spectrum disorders. However, the scientific community defends vaccines since no concrete studies back the claims of the critics. In addition, rejecting vaccines result in dangerous consequences. One particular disease that all adolescents should be vaccinated against is meningococcal disease. … Read More

Chocolate is good for your soul. There is also evidence that it is good for your heart. Now, research published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology suggests that cocoa flavanols in chocolate—naturally occurring compounds found in foods like apples, tea, and cocoa—could be good for kidneys, too. Researchers from the University … Read More

Imagine for a second, if all of a sudden, you weren’t able to brush your teeth in the morning, or maybe you struggled to lift your bowl of cereal to your mouth. It’s these everyday activities, which we take for granted, that are compromised with an injury to the shoulder. More specifically, a rotator cuff tear will weaken … Read More

Sit up. Stand straight. Don’t slouch. These commands probably sound familiar to you, voiced many times over by a parent, guardian, or perhaps your very own mind. In that moment, you may have obliged only to sink back into your previous position soon after, if you didn’t shrug it off entirely to begin with. After … Read More

As many people know, obesity is a widespread medical condition characterized by excess accumulation of body fat. Being obese means that you have an increased risk of hypertension, diabetes, poor blood fat profile, and heart muscle disease; all of which contribute to an increased risk for a heart attack and subsequent heart failure. Although the body mass … Read More

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