How do I join Morning Sign Out?

Fill out an application for the position (or positions) you are interested in and send it to the email address included in the application.

We also have Morning Sign Out Campus Organizations, which are not directly involved with the production of the Morning Sign Out publication.

Can I apply for multiple positions?

Yes, feel free to apply to multiple positions if you are interested in more than one!

Do I need prior experience to join Morning Sign Out?

No. Prior experience is smiled upon and can give you a boost above other applicants; however, a lack of formal prior experience will not disqualify your application.

The quality of your application matters more to us than your resume.

Do I have to be a certain age/certain year in school to apply?

No. If you can carry yourself with professionalism, maturity, and dedication, you are welcome to apply.

How many spots are available for each position?

We welcome talent and skill when we find it. Since we believe in accepting the best applicants, we have not set a strict number for our teams.

How much of a time commitment is Morning Sign Out each week?

The weekly time commitment required to perform satisfactory work on a busy week:

Operations: 4-5 hours
Writers: 4-5 hours
Editors: 4-5 hours
Creative Team: 5 hours
Finance/Fundraising Team: 4-5 hours
Marketing Team: 3 hours
Web Development Team: 3 hours

These numbers are general averages determined after interviewing our staff.

These hours are a rough estimate of how much each position will spend on MSO and are subject to change and fluctuate. For example, some weeks you may need to work for 10 hours to get a large project finished, while others you may only dedicate 1-2 hours to MSO.

What are deadlines like?

At MSO, we believe that meeting deadlines is an important professional skill to have; therefore, we expect all staff members to meet deadlines set by team leaders and executives.

Our writing cycle is 2 weeks long which means that writers and editors have 2 weeks to write, edit, and perfect an article. Other deadlines vary depending on the lengthy and size of the project.

If I am a writer, what would I write about?

Writers have the freedom to pick topics within their assigned section. However, if a writer does not select a topic by the pre-determined deadline, topics will be assigned to the writer.

As a writer, how long are my articles? How frequently do I need to publish?

We typically want short articles, roughly 400 words long, so that we can be quick reads for our audience. This is roughly 1-2 paragraphs long.

We expect articles approximately every 2 weeks – it takes time for our editors to look over the articles, have our visuals team work on graphics, and prepare it for publishing.

How long is the commitment?

We expect our staff to stay for at least one year. We are generally understanding of the fact that staff may find that life situations change, for example if there are personal issues or academic workloads that make it difficult to stay with MSO.

We typically do not write letters of recommendation for individuals that leave the organization prematurely.

Thanks again for your interest!

Question not answered here? Send an e-mail!