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Many who exercise outdoors prefer to do so for the fresh air, but in areas with high air pollution, many worry that that quality of air and exercise can be an unhealthy combination. Recent studies have demonstrated evidence that the long-term benefits of exercise outweighs the potentials risks of exercising in polluted areas. Air pollution is a … Read More

In recent decades, California has made efforts to reduce emissions succeeding in partial smog reduction. Even the annual report from the California Air Pollution Control Officers Association indicated long-term trends of air quality improvement. However, the current drought in California has presented itself as a challenge to those efforts. In a report from the American Lung Association, which evaluated … Read More

We’ve all heard it before: air pollution is bad for the environment. Smog, which carries greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, travels up into the atmosphere and traps solar radiation. Global warming ensues, polar ice caps melt, and Mother Nature shakes her head in disapproval. Yet many of us seem to be indifferent. We reason that there just … Read More

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