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I was recently in a tea shop in New York, coughing up a storm. The man behind the counter recommended a particular tea set for me. There were three teas within the set, but his main selling point was that one of those teas contained valerian root—the potential key to sleeping soundly through the night. His … Read More

At home, pets provide companionship that relaxes and comforts their owners. In fact, 62% of households in America already have pets. The value of owning a pet extends beyond casual comfort in homes. However, animal-assisted therapy harnesses the physical and emotional benefits of animal interactions to treat patients for a variety of physical and mental … Read More

Does an aspirin a day really lower the risk of heart disease? Aspirin is a small, yet effective, over-the-counter drug. Also known as acetylsalicylic acid, this pill relieves minor pain and reduces fever and inflammation. Besides having these benefits, it is also widely recognized to prevent heart disease. Aspirin reduces the chance of plaque build up … Read More

What is Cupping Therapy?  Cups. Rubbing alcohol. Heat. Suction. These are neither the materials needed for a weird, awesome science experiment nor are they ingredients for a wondrous gastronomical invention. These are, in fact, the tools needed for a health therapy that the media claims has emerged in recent years among celebrities. Just what is this media dubbed “health … Read More

When you take a massage day at the spa, relaxation is expected, but would you ever think of using massage therapy to treat your chronic pain or anxiety? According to Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, 85 percent of nurse practitioners say they recommend patient to try massage therapy as an alternative treatment option. … Read More

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