The variety of ailments that can affect us today is a common medical concern, and consequently, so is the method of treatment for these illnesses. In the case of microbial infections, there can be further confusion about the type of medication prescribed for treatment – for example, when antibiotics should be used. An important criterion for distinguishing between medications for different … Read More

The “biggest refugee crisis since World War Two” is quickly becoming “the biggest refugee crisis including World War Two” its third year in, having displaced more than four million people,* with over half of them minors under the age of 18. Refugee children who have crossed oceans to reach EU nations are chased by more than … Read More

Researchers at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute have created a blood test that can pinpoint every single virus you’ve ever had. This new technology, dubbed VirScan, can detect over 1,000 strains of 206 viruses that are affecting or have affected you. The best part? The test only costs $25. This new method streamlines the original … Read More

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